Here we go!

A couple years ago I started using the “My one word” concept as I headed into the new year. I pick just one word to focus on instead of a list of resolutions or goals or challenges. I have used the words embrace and create, each of the last two years. This year, I am still thinking about my one word but I have a feeling it will come from reading this book: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

Daring Greatly

It’s a book my sister had given me a couple years ago (for a milestone birthday). I re-discovered it after a wonderful conversation with my pastor. I say re-discovered because I had started it around the time I recieved it, I had my page marked, but then life happened and I’d set it aside.

But now, as I begin¬†again…this time heading into another new year, I am looking forward to what I’ll discover on the next page or in the next chapter. And, I suspect, “my one word” will pop out of the pages. I can’t wait!


Enjoying the Lingering Fall

Today, as the weekend wrapped up, I took a couple moments and sat here.

Rocking Chair

Looking across the front yard, I listened to the last leaves in the trees rustling. I watched a couple birds float between the trees and heard little critters running in the woods.

And, as I took in the setting sun, I expressed my gratitude for the weekend and for the fantastic fall we have had. The snow is coming but I certainly appreciated seeing the leaves today.

Have you visited Sucker Creek?

Detroit Lakes area, have you visited Sucker Creek? If you haven’t, you should. It is a perfect spot for a quick walk (or run) or a casual stroll. Until a couple of weeks ago, it had been a while since I’d visited. There are paved paths on both sides of the road as well as trails through the woods to wander. In addition to signs along the way, explaining what is happening in nature, there are also benches to take a rest if needed.

Sucker Creek Bench

And although I enjoy walking both sides of the road with the kids, the “bog walk” has become my favorite (across the road from the main parking lot). Today, the changing leaves started to line the path as we headed out. They crunched under our feet as we talked about our week, our plans for the day and the things we enjoy about fall (leaves and pumpkins).

The path back Sucker Creek

Just on the other side of the hill, we came across the dock or path that took us out over the bog.

Bog walk dock

Reaching the center, we paused, admired the unique opportunity we have right here in town and appreciated the quiet-even the occasional sounds from Hwy 10 in the distance.

View from the center of the bog walk

Other side of center of bog walk

On our way back to the parking lot, we tried to see who could walk the quietest among the leaf lined path. And I am already looking forward to our next visit. This time, I think we’ll give an unpaved trail a try!




printed pictures

This afternoon we were looking through photo boxes jammed with pictures from when the kids were younger. The kids would find a photo and run over and show Josh or I. We’d share a memory, smile as we saw their personality coming through in the photo or miss those pictured who are no longer with us .

As this continued, box after photo box, I thought about how many photos I have stored on my phone and computer. Although I can hit the “slideshow” button on my computer or use my finger to flip through images on my phone, it’s not the same. I have put photos from trips or adventures into photo albums, but I haven’t printed the quick snaps, the random moments or silly faces lately. Time for that to change. Off to find a batch of photos to print!





Tools For My Fitness Plan

A few weeks ago, I finally decided that I needed to get back to a fitness plan. I have not been working out regularly in…years? And although short bursts are fine, I needed to get back to doing something regularly.

Taking a deep breath and looking at my running shoes, I reached past them and grabbed my swim suit, cap and goggles! I am able to get in the pool early in the morning up to two days per week so far. ¬†The goal of my fitness plan is to get up to 4 days per week of some kind of activity. Whether it’s a fitness class at the DLCCC, a hike on a local trail or playing basketball in the driveway, it feels good to be back at it again! What’s your fitness plan?


Suit and goggles

Stop and enjoy where the day takes you!

Saturday was the 1st Saturday in a while where we had no scheduled activities. I had a “could do/should do” list in my head but didn’t write a thing down and it was great! Between spring cleaning, a fun, filled trip to the Laker Elementary School Carnival, some baking and more spring cleaning it was exactly the kind of day that was needed!

Lists are fine and a schedule is okay too, but sometimes what is really needed is to enjoy where the day takes you. And the day ended up here (and yes…that is a brownie on the bottom)!





Inspired in March

March is the end of the madness and it begins the massive sparks of creativity. Whether it’s the longer hours of daylight, lighter schedule for the kids or something else, I have enjoyed flashes. My journals are filling, my note taking app is getting a workout and my children’s book and novel are coming to life! I have appreciated the moments and I can’t wait to see what makes the final drafts!

Feeling this inspired…I might even start working out regularly again.

My One Word: Create

Last year, I participated in the one word blog and chose “Embrace”. And I owned the word. I embraced experiences, opportunities and moments for myself and for/with my family. Although it made my introverted self cringe sometimes, I dove in.

This year my word is “Create”. I found that while I was busy embracing last year, it left me less down time to do things like write, idea dump and more! I am already off to a fun start (and thus the delay in posting). Not only am I excited to do some creating myself and with my family, but I am looking forward to helping create experiences and opportunities for others.


Another great option in Detroit Lakes: Detroit Mountain

“It’s back!” is something I’ve heard often from people in and around Detroit Lakes the last couple weeks and is it ever! Detroit Mountain opened a couple weeks ago and the kids and I have had a chance to get out and enjoy it. With options for every level of skiers and boarders, there is something for each of us.


Not interested in downhill skiing, snowboarding, tubing and cross country skiing not for you? That’s okay, there is a wonderful lodge to sit and hang out in. It’s been in this lodge the last couple weekends, where I have overheard the excitement, been a part of conversations and witnessed familiar faces as people from Detroit Lakes area have confirmed: we have another great option to be active in Detroit Lakes.

Hope you get a chance to get out and check it out! I know I am looking forward to taking in more views from the mountain this winter!

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! As we move into the holiday season, I am reminding myself to acknowledge the moments. No matter how many lists I make or plans I have or schedules I make, there are little moments that pop up. These moments are meant as reminders or opportunities or times to pause and enjoy them. Embrace the experiences! You never know where they will take you!