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   Oct 27

Fall in a Small Town

Living in a small town during the fall means and meant so many great options to support the kids in sports and activities in your community. (And the weather didn’t hurt either.) Cross country, soccer, football, fall musical, robotics, homecoming, volleyball, swimming, diving, cheerleaders, tennis and so much more! What are you looking forward to watching [...]

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   Jan 13

Embrace: My one word

My word for 2014: Embrace. Embrace experiences, embrace opportunities and embrace moments. What’s your one word for 2014?

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   Jan 05

Lacing them up!

On Friday, I officially got going again. I laced up my shoes, popped my head phones in and headed upstairs at the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center. After finding an open treadmill, I pushed “quick start” and enjoyed a brisk 20 minute walk. If felt great to get going again and I was reminded [...]

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   Jan 02

Happy New Year!

Hope you are having a great start to 2014! I am not a resolution maker on January 1st but I do have a list of goals for myself. I usually start thinking about my goals in November and I have a short list by the end of January. Whether they are personal or professional goals, [...]

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   Oct 10

Walk or Bike to School Week

It was a beautiful morning for a walk (or bike) to school! Thanks to those who participated this morning in the Detroit Lakes Bike or Walk to school day! It was so fun to see parents walking with their kids and hearing they normally get dropped off. According to the weather…it looks like a gorgeous [...]

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   Sep 30

Hiking into Fall

What a gorgeous day! It inspired us to head out on a hike! While out in our neighborhood, I started thinking about all the great places we have in our area to hike and I have already started looking ahead on the calendar to figure out where we can go next! Maplewood State Park, Dunton [...]

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   Sep 23

Fun, Fantastic Fall!

Fall kicked off in a gorgeous way today in Minnesota! Sure, as a football fan, I could have used a Vikings win but the sun is out and the leaves are turning! It’s the time of year for layers. Kids leaving for school in sweatpants and sweatshirts and coming home in their shorts and t-shirts. [...]

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   Sep 02

The End Or the Beginning

Labor Day traditionally marks the end of the summer. The end of long days at the lake, water balloon fights in the backyard, trips to the park, baseball with friends, soccer and more. But…it’s also the beginning! The kids back to school, high School football games on Friday nights (and on TV all weekend),  campfires, [...]

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   Aug 24

Cool Community

Okay so maybe this is a bit goofy for a title but it’s true! In about a 5 week span Detroit Lakes will have played host to thousands of country music fans who come to WE Fest, watch beginning and advanced triathletes compete in the Young Life Triathlon, host USA and international drivers participating in [...]

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   Apr 15

Coming out of Hibernation

Over the last couple of weeks, we have enjoyed a nice snow melt and the smell of spring  in the air! Just this afternoon, I enjoyed shooting some baskets in our driveway with two of the kids! However, just a couple hours later, the driveway and hoop were covered in snow! Yes, it’s hard to [...]

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