Happy Thanksgiving

 - by Kim Bettcher

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! As we move into the holiday season, I am reminding myself to acknowledge the moments. No matter how many lists I make or plans I have or schedules I make, there are little moments that pop up. These moments are meant as reminders or opportunities or times to pause and enjoy them. Embrace the experiences! You never know where they will take you!

Expressing Gratitude

 - by Kim Bettcher

November is a month that many people use their Facebook status posts to acknowledge what they are thankful for and I have been one of them. Although, I am posting daily there this month, I do try to express my thankfulness and gratitude all year.

Family, friends, little moments, large events and so much in between are reasons to pause and say thanks. Because as much as it’s about saying or typing the words, it’s also about pausing and acknowledging in your head and your heart.

Today, I am thankful for this necklace I put together at Patina White last year and what it means to me. I don’t wear it everyday but I wear it often. My kids, my husband and my family…thank you.


Fall Sunsets in Minnesota

 - by Kim Bettcher

I have been fascinated with the sunsets this fall in N. Minnesota. They have been beautiful. Orange, purple, pink and red are just some of the colors used to paint them.

The sunsets have been great backdrops for taking a ride on the 4wheeler, hiking around with the crew and watching local sporting events. They have also been wonderful writing inspirations, fun visuals while the sun creates shadows and beautiful pictures by some of our wonderful local photographers I am sure. I hope you have had a chance to enjoy the sunsets this fall (because winter isn’t far away).

Fall in a Small Town

 - by Kim Bettcher

Living in a small town during the fall means and meant so many great options to support the kids in sports and activities in your community. (And the weather didn’t hurt either.)

Cross country, soccer, football, fall musical, robotics, homecoming, volleyball, swimming, diving, cheerleaders, tennis and so much more! What are you looking forward to watching and supporting this winter?

Lacing them up!

 - by Kim Bettcher

On Friday, I officially got going again. I laced up my shoes, popped my head phones in and headed upstairs at the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center. After finding an open treadmill, I pushed “quick start” and enjoyed a brisk 20 minute walk. If felt great to get going again and I was reminded why I love it.

Since I work at the DLCCC, people often assume I/we exercise all the time. However, that’s not the case. With all the fun/exciting things going on at the center, there often isn’t time to get out of the office to jump in the pool or on the track or on a treadmill or a fitness class. Of course the argument can be made that I haven’t TAKEN the time and this….is going…to change!

So, after lacing up my shoes Friday, I continued by lacing them up Saturday at home. Doing a quick combo cardio and ab workout. My goal is to feel good enough about getting back on track with my cardio workouts that I can tweet and use the tag #30daysofrunning again by the end of next week! (Or maybe #30daysofswimming)


Happy New Year!

 - by Kim Bettcher

Hope you are having a great start to 2014! I am not a resolution maker on January 1st but I do have a list of goals for myself. I usually start thinking about my goals in November and I have a short list by the end of January.

Whether they are personal or professional goals, it feels good to have a plan to look at. As much as I LOVE to cross items off lists, it doesn’t always happen. So often, that goal gets moved to next year’s list. An example is last year, I wanted to run a 5 K while in running shape. Trouble is…you need to start running again to do that. Guess what got moved to 2014? Running a 5 K.

So, as I keep working on my list and eye up my running shoes in the corner, I want to wish you a wonderful start to 2014! And I am looking forward to crossing off another item on my list…writing more often! See you again soon!

Walk or Bike to School Week

 - by Kim Bettcher

It was a beautiful morning for a walk (or bike) to school! Thanks to those who participated this morning in the Detroit Lakes Bike or Walk to school day! It was so fun to see parents walking with their kids and hearing they normally get dropped off. According to the weather…it looks like a gorgeous afternoon for the walking activities planned at our area schools!

Thanks also to all those who stopped for the kids and parents as they approached the crosswalks! Yes, it’s the law but it’s also the right thing to do (crosswalk or not). By stopping and being aware, it helps encourage walkers and bikers to do it more often! Missed walking your kids to school today? That’s okay…there are still plenty of beautiful fall mornings (and afternoons) left!


Hiking into Fall

 - by Kim Bettcher

What a gorgeous day! It inspired us to head out on a hike! While out in our neighborhood, I started thinking about all the great places we have in our area to hike and I have already started looking ahead on the calendar to figure out where we can go next! Maplewood State Park, Dunton Locks area, Tamarac Park, Itasca State Park and more! Where do you like to hike?


Fun, Fantastic Fall!

 - by Kim Bettcher

Fall kicked off in a gorgeous way today in Minnesota! Sure, as a football fan, I could have used a Vikings win but the sun is out and the leaves are turning!

It’s the time of year for layers. Kids leaving for school in sweatpants and sweatshirts and coming home in their shorts and t-shirts.

It’s the time of year for cranking the heater on the way to work in the morning and rolling the windows down on the way home.

It’s the time of year when you hear people duck hunting in the morning and hear about them bow hunting in the evening.

It’s the time of year when you still need to mow but are making plans for the first frost.

Enjoy the kick off to fall! I know I can’t want to snuggle into sweats and a sweatshirt and enjoy a nice bonfire (when the wind dies down of course).